Robot Coupe in Sydney & Melbourne

robot-Coupe-R6-V_V_-Table-Top-Cutter-Mixers-500x500Robot Coupe in Sydney & Melbourne

Robot Coupe Cook & Stick blender Series 2016 is now available at Petra Equipment and Cafe Ideas. More recently we have compared the price and range of their Robot Coupe equipment such as the Robot Coupe cl50 and Robot Coupe Juicer and clearly Petra Equipment succeed to offered the top services.

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Silver Chef Dealer in Sydney

Silver Chef Dealer in Sydney

Among the top Silver Chef dealer in Sydney such as Alpha Catering & Sydney Commercial Kitchens, only Petra Equipment succeed to reach the $8M milestone and provide an outstanding customer service with marketing automation and  ongoing upgrade options. The market for leasing and renting is robust and ATLA biz forecast an increase of 14% increase in average from 2016 to 2018. With the data collected from BCI and IBIS, the hospitality industry (incl. restaurant equipment equipment market) is more likely going to increase another 10 %.