Silver Chef Dealer in Sydney

Silver Chef Dealer in Sydney

article written in 2016.

Among the top Silver Chef dealer in Sydney such as Alpha Catering, Atlantic Equipment & Sydney Commercial Kitchens, only Petra Equipment succeed to reach the $5M milestone and provide an outstanding customer service with marketing automation and  ongoing upgrade options. The market for leasing and renting is robust and ATLA biz forecast an increase of 14% increase in average from 2016 to 2018. With the data collected from BCI and IBIS, the hospitality industry (incl. restaurant equipment market – with top item rated wood-fired pizza oven) is more likely going to increase another 10 %.

Latest update: Petra Group is now working with AxsessToday – a new finance company in the hospitality industry.

Cafe Design & Fitouts

Since 2015, Petra Group is offering a new service for cafes: our cafe designers can assist you with DA application and assist you from conception to completion.