Unox combi oven

Unox new range

Unox has been a while already in Australia and they probably going to last for another few years. They design and manufacture great combi ovens. Unox combi ovens are black and often made of stainless steel. Their made a similar range for the patisserie and bakery market segments such as the new Unox Linemiss range and Unox Linemicro.


New WordPress website by Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency DMS designed the new Creative Dance Academy website suitable for  toddler and kids. Their dance classes are very effective. Creative Dance Academy has been established in the Hawkesbury area since 1988. Due to our exceptional standard of dance education and training, the Academy has now grown to include 6 locations throughout the Hawkesbury, Blacktown, Hills and Penrith areas. The work made on the website include, the template installation, graphic design, contact form, gallery, icon design, portal buttons and SEO.

Coffe Shop online

Screen Shot 07-30-16 at 08.52 PMCoffe Shop online

Mongrel Joes is an Australia coffee store online.

About Mongrel Joes: 

At the turn of the twentieth century, in the rough-and-tumble boxing tents of Sydney’s Royal Easter Show, there existed a street pugilist affectionately known as Mongrel Joe.

Boxer, showman and legend, Mongrel Joe was the greatest heavyweight champion of his era.

His moves were lightning-fast, his feet seemed winged, and his fists were explosive. By the time he was 30, he had clocked up 110 fights, winning 109 of them.

His pre-match ritual? A bracing cup of coffee made from ground, high-strength beans. The drink gave him stamina, laser focus and knockout power.

Robot Coupe in Sydney & Melbourne

robot-Coupe-R6-V_V_-Table-Top-Cutter-Mixers-500x500Robot Coupe in Sydney & Melbourne

Robot Coupe Cook & Stick blender Series 2016 is now available at Petra Equipment and Cafe Ideas. More recently we have compared the price and range of their Robot Coupe equipment such as the Robot Coupe cl50 and Robot Coupe Juicer and clearly Petra Equipment succeed to offered the top services.

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Silver Chef Dealer in Sydney

Silver Chef Dealer in Sydney

Among the top Silver Chef dealer in Sydney such as Alpha Catering & Sydney Commercial Kitchens, only Petra Equipment succeed to reach the $8M milestone and provide an outstanding customer service with marketing automation and  ongoing upgrade options. The market for leasing and renting is robust and ATLA biz forecast an increase of 14% increase in average from 2016 to 2018. With the data collected from BCI and IBIS, the hospitality industry (incl. restaurant equipment equipment market) is more likely going to increase another 10 %.

Aquarium Plants

When it comes to clean and healthy aquarium, you need quality and fresh aquarium plants that last for long. Improve the water quality of your freshwater tank while enhancing the incredible natural beauty of your fish tank and providing shelter and security for your fish. Recently, studies have shown that  most of aquarium need a diversity of plants. Content given by SEO consultants Sydney in April 2017.